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Las Vegas’ Best Burgers

Las Vegas’ Best Burgers

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Trends come and go in the culinary world very quickly, but there is one trend that shows no sign of slowing. Culinary super stars have put their creativity behind the all-American burger, elevating the burger way beyond the staple of fast food chains. We scoured the Las Vegas strip, spoke to the chefs, and put them to the test to find the best burgers on and off the strip.

Taking the top spot is chef Gordon Ramsay and his BurGR located in the Planet Hollywood Resort. Don’t be shy and dive right in, and enjoy the ‘Hog Burger’ with mangalitsa pork, maple butter, and English sharp cheese. This burger is a juicy, sweet surprise you will never forget. On the side, order sweet potato fries with vanilla powdered sugar and pork belly bao buns. For an added treat, keep your eye open for Hell’s Kitchen winner Executive Chef Christina Wilson who is at the helm.

Celebrity chef Hubert Keller’s Burger Bar offers the highest quality beef, buffalo, turkey, vegetarian and vegan products that can be found anywhere. Guests enjoy a pleasing choice of gourmet toppings and delicious buns. We suggest the signature Hubert Keller burger, or dive into a $60 Rossini Burger that features kobe style wagu beef, foie gras, and shaved truffles.

B&B Burger & Beer is located in the Venetian Resort, and of course in true Batali and Bastianich form, you can expect consistently innovative and mouthwatering dishes. The menu at B&B Burger features local ingredients, including dry-aged American beef for burgers. Enjoy a ‘Morning After Burger’ featuring sautéed mushrooms, fontina cheese, sunny side up egg, truffle aioli, and friseé. Ask about their new ‘Moto Burger,’ which is a palate pleasing surprise that we will let you explore for yourself.

Michael Mina’s PUB 1842 in the MGM Grand Resort is a lovely stop for any burger lover. Have fun, look over their extensive burger list, and settle on his ‘1842 Burger’ with caramelized onions, mushrooms, and truffle aioli. We also suggest enjoying one of the many craft beers on tap and in the bottle.

In Summerlin, Honey Salt Restaurant is always leading the way in culinary innovation. They specialize in farm-to-table ingredients that are locally available. A local favorite, enjoy the ‘Imperial Wagyu Burger’ with beehive cheddar, bacon jam, old bay potato chips, and you can add on a farm fresh egg.

Also in Summerlin, chef and restaurateur Sam Marvin has created a very unique venue, combining a steak house and a butcher shop. Echo & Rig Butcher and Steakhouse opened in Tivoli Village to rave reviews. Take a look at the large open glass meat locker, vertical displays, and an exhibition/demonstration area where you see the butcher hard work cutting protein to perfection for your plate. Walk upstairs to dine al fresco and enjoy a ‘Butcher Blend Burger’ made of USDA prime beef, topped with bibb lettuce, brandywine tomato, and red onion.

The next time you’re in Vegas and the mood for a burger strikes, instead of rushing into a fast food chain, take some time out for yourself and enjoy a burger prepared with respect for where it came from by some of the finest chefs in the country, if not the world.


In the world's service-industry capital we started Fukuburger with a vision of building an off-strip, food-centric community. Fukuburger's mission is simple: deliver excellent food and friendly service at an affordable price to Vegas's own.

We serve all-American burgers with a Japanese twist for those who don't take life too seriously.

Check the map for truck location tonight. Find us on-strip every night at the Hawaiian Marketplace. Check the calendar for upcoming events. Get in touch to book a special catering event.

The Steakhouse Burger

Specialty cuts of beef and an array of signature sauces are the name of the game at TENDER Steak & Seafood in Luxor Las Vegas, but definitely don’t discount the burger. The Steakburger is best suited for those with the biggest of appetites. Due to its high quality and preferred taste, steak burgers on their own is enough to draw in hungry crowds. However, pair that with caramelized onion, white cheddar, smoked bacon, watercress, horseradish pickles, artisan bun and you’ve got one decadent, filling, unforgettable burger.

Gordon Ramsay’s take on beef Wellington takes center stage at Gordon Ramsay Steak at Paris Las Vegas. While the beef filet is the star of the show, wild mushrooms wrapped in puff pastry with Parma ham, all swaddled in a red wine sauce make this a memorable dish.

Michael Mina’s signature caviar parfait came about when he wanted a special breakfast for his young bride using all her favorite foods, so he got creative with the room service menu and ordered hash browns, egg salad, smoked salmon, whipped lemon crème fraîche and caviar. Mina used the hash browns as a base for the caviar tower creation now known as Michael’s Signature Caviar Parfait, served at his eponymous restaurant at the Bellagio.

Michael Mina’s signature caviar parfait came about when he wanted a special breakfast for his young bride using all her favorite foods, so he got creative with the room service menu and ordered hash browns, egg salad, smoked salmon, whipped lemon crème fraîche and caviar. Mina used the hash browns as a base for the caviar tower creation now known as Michael’s Signature Caviar Parfait, served at his eponymous restaurant at the Bellagio.

This dish found inspiration during executive chef Akira Back’s travels as a professional snowboarder and experiences working with industry greats, such as Nobu and Morimoto. Now he serves it at the Bellagio.

Sheridan Su's Fat Choy Burger is the perfect remedy for a hangover. Certified Angus beef, short rib, bacon, a fried egg, cheddar cheese, and onion jam make up this beauty at Fat Choy at Eureka.

Pub burger at Bazaar Meat by José Andrés Bazaar Meat by José Andrés [Official Site]

Bazaar Meat by José Andrés at the Sahara Las Vegas added the pub burger with short rib and brisket to the menu at Bar Centro. The burger comes with shredded iceberg, special sauce, and pub cheese on a homemade bun and served with fries and house-made ketchup.

FleurBurger 5000: Expensive Burger, Not a Robot (Even Though That's What Its Name Sounds Like)

The restaurant boasts a luxurious and eclectic menu with items like Kushi Oysters, Diver Sea Scallops Borscht and, of course, the world's second most expensive hamburger. (The most expensive hamburger can also be found in Las Vegas at The Palms and is, in fact, a Carls Jr. burger paired with an extremely expensive bottle of Bordeaux, which sells for $6000).

The FleurBurger 5000, as it is called, consists of a Wagyu beef and foie gras burger patty topped with truffle sauce and shaved black truffles, served on a brioche truffle bun. Like its more pricey brethren at The Palms, the FleurBurger is served with a bottle of Bordeaux: a 1995 Chateau Petrus, which typically goes for about $2,500 a bottle. But that's not all! The wine is served in Ichendorf glasses, which you get to take home at the end of the meal. And in case you were worried that the receipt would not be enough proof for your buddies that you were able to spring for such a decadent meal, a certificate of authenticity will be mailed to your home. Which begs the question: doesn't that violate Vegas' sacred mantra, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?"

The Great Mexican Food You Love & The Friendly Staff You Trust are here, our family has founded the brand new Vegas Classic Eddie’s Mexican Restaurant. We enjoy serving the great families of Las Vegas, and we hope with the birth of the Eddie’s, we will get to enjoy serving you all for decades to come! We invite you all to come in and let us become your new Family Tradition. Come feel at home at Eddie’s Mexican Restaurant and enjoy all your Favorites with an Eddie’s twist. Bring your friends & family and enjoy fresh Mexican cuisine crafted with only the finest ingredients.

Las Vegas’ Best Burgers - Recipes

Our first meal in Vegas was at this spot in Planet Hollywood, and while the burgers were delicious, the onion rings were the most memorable part. Hands down, the best onion rings we've EVER tasted. EVER! One side dish is more than enough to share between two (and my husband eats A LOT). Enjoy!

9,618 - 9,622 of 12,087 reviews

This place was great!! Amazing delicious burgers and fries! Delicious truffle aioli! Yummy cocktails.

There was a bit of a wait (15mins) but the staff were so kind and helpful while we were waiting.

Serving staff were extremely knowledgable about the food which was lovely! What was in it (down to small ingredients), where it was sourced, how it was cooked and made excellent recommendations!

It may seem pricey to some ($14-17 a burger) and is definitely not for children.

Would recommend this restaurant to anyone!

Located just inside the Planet Hollywood, this was a very reasonably priced option for lunch with a "big name" chef tied to it.

There are often line-ups, but the staff do their best to get you a table, and if not too long a wait, the food is definitely worth it.

There are about half a dozen or so burger varieties and some very long hot dog options, and our table tried two appetizer (jalapeno poppers and onion rings) and all three varieties of chips - these were all incredible. The truffle frites and the jalapeno poppers jumped out! Burgers were juicy and had a very nice selection of toppings.

Wait staff were fun, attractive, and kept the table interested in the big beer and impressive beer menu which you could browse and their iPads. I would recommend this a midrange and high value dining option in a convenient location on the Las Vegas strip.

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Made it with sirloin tip ($5.99/lb), which the meat guy said is the same as sirloin flap, rather than skirt steak ($12.99/lb). After chopping in the food processor, I had to pick out a lot of little fatty strands that didn't seem to chop in very well. Otherwise, it made a very tasty burger. Ultimate? Maybe not, but very good.

i really like the way in which this recipe looks i eaten it before with my loved ones all of us enjoyed this we may have a family group gathering again and cook this recipe again soon this really is one tasty recipe you have to test it i guarantee you whatever you should this its very tasty

I have made these many times since first published and the method has never disappointed ¿ neither me nor those with whom I share them. I use a Kosher cut of meat called ¿flanken¿ (suspect the same as flank steak) with great results just advise using less salt with Kosher meat that has already been salted in its preparation. I did not find the condiments either innately interesting or even worth using as a basis for experimentation. I much prefer the perfect ripe tomatoes of summer or homemade oven dried-tomatoes (which offer an intense tomato taste more in the spirit of Ketchup) to keep the flavors pure and fresh. Great on good rolls - these or other homemade fresh rolls of choice, or great purchase bread I have enjoyed Ciabatta rolls from a great bakery. The crustiness is nice without competing with the burger.

Awesome meat for these burgers. The butcher thought I was crazy when I asked them to ground the steak. Easy recipe and probably the best burger you can make. It will surprise you!

The instructions for this make for a really good burger! Wow. No more restaurant burgers for me.

Great classic hamburger! Very rewarding making it yourself.. Everyone that had one has now started doing their burgers this way.

I've ground my own hamburger for years and had pretty much decided that brisket was the best cut to use, but after using skirt steak I'll have to change my mind. Well done!

Had my butcher grind flap steak (they thought I was crazy) so I couldn't salt, but it still was great. Served with homemade ketchup on fresh ciabatta rolls.

Made the Ultimate Burger tonight and loved it! Followed the recipe exactly with skirt steak except made thinner patties. After refrigerating six hours, I rinsed the salted steak pieces very well, dried and finely chopped them in my food processor. No salt, but seasoned the patties with freshly ground black pepper. Texture was perfect. Used red-hot cast iron skillet with a little canola oil on a gas stove. Lovely crust. Outstanding flavor! From now on, nothing but a delicious Ultimate Burger will do for me.

I made these burgers for dinner and they were delicious and very juicy. We all loved them and I definately would make them again. I made them just like described. YUM

Pretty ordinary burger. There is nothing in this recipe that takes it over the top. Not the ultimate burger.

I think you should not be able to write a review unless you have made the item exactly as stated. Don't go changing the recipe and throwing out your two cents and don't write before you make. Read my profile I ALWAYS make it according to the recipe first, then change it the next time if I want. I want to taste it the way it was meant to be. I made these as instructed and they were great! I also made the mustard, which was good, but it needs more heat! I think the "Ultimate" in this is not saying it's got the ultimate toppings, spices, etc. rather, they mean the burger itself is the ultimate. Do what you want with everything else, but this is a mighty fine burger. I don't know that I'll ever go back to chuck!

I usually make my own burgers from short ribs ,as an Argentinian I'm very familiar with skirt steaks.I prefer using the food processor to a machine, much easier to clean. this burgers are delish.The salting is a good idea

While I agree that the skirt steak does add flavor and juiciness, I find using a combination of 1.75 lbs of SIRLOIN FLAP and .75 lbs of SHORT RIBS adds a better flavor/texture profile.The SHORT RIBS add a density not found in using skirt steak alone. Truth be told, they are both truly the "ultimate burger".

I always make burgers like this, but as this is a lean cut, I avoid dry burgers by adding 1 tsp of beef tallow for every pound of meat. Also, to really kick it up a notch, try adding a smidge of beef marrow to the mix.

I modified the recipe a bit and it came out utterly fantastic! I used only 1 tsp of salt and upped the pepper to 1/2 tsp. As well, I didn't cook the burgers before serving. This is most definitely a keeper.

I modified the recipe a bit and it came out utterly fantastic! I used only 1 tsp of salt and upped the pepper to 1/2 tsp. As well, I didn't cook the burgers before serving. This is most definitely a keeper.

OK, Here is my two cents. I am a great big fan of Hubert Keller and eat at the Burger Bar regularly. I also watch his cooking show Secrets of a Chef. On every show he recommends Not salting the burger until just before cooking because it gives the burger a funny texture. I can tell you from experience that he is absolutely correct. Don't overwork the meat and don't salt until just before cooking.

The meat and bread comment is ridiculous. The meat makes all the difference and I think that is the point of this recipe. This article very specifically calls for 2 things that makes it great 1, the choice of meat, and 2, grind it yourself. You control quality and in a burger, that's very important.

I must disagree - a one-ingredient recipe is a refreshing change on here. I only recently mastered the 2-ingredient boiling salted water!

Come on guys, I agree with meat and bread comment if you're going to advertise as the "Ultimate Burger" I'm going to need a little more than a meat grinder and some pepper to be a believer.

Sellks from ks, it is pretty clear to me that 1 1/2 means "one and one-half". This recipe is first rate. The burger derives its flavor from one ingredient (beef) that is properly prepared, rather than from a lot of fillers and additives. Response to Cook from behind you: If you had READ the instructions you would have seen that it calls for 1 ½ tsp of salt for 2 ½ pounds of meat  not a great amount. You are instructed to first cut the meat into cubes, to add the salt to the cubes of meat and then to rinse the meat under cold water and pat dry before grinding. Rinsing before grinding removes most of the salt. When you use good ingredients and prepare them properly you do not need to enhance the flavor of your burger by adding a bunch of extra ingredients on top (like lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, and a special sauce) or by adding fillers and flavor enhancers mixed in with the ground meat. Once you have the right ingredients and the right technique (this recipe gives you both) you can add what you want, but these things will enhance the good natural flavors of good products, rather than compensate for poor quality and poor technique. Reviewers please read before complaining!

Ingredients: Meat and bread - Instructions: Cook if you are bold. hang on to yer hat. add salt! Can I write for Gourmet also? If you are gonna have a recipe called The ULTIMATE Burger you better back it up with something. This recipe is ridiculously basic, which is fine, but don't expect me to let you take a steak sandwich and advertise it as the greatest burger on the planet without me calling shenanigans.