Pancakes with spinach

Cut the onion into cubes, press the garlic and simmer in the melted butter. Add a little water and frozen spinach, cover and stir from time to time. When the onion is soft and the juice has dropped, turn off the heat and leave to cool. Add salt and pepper to taste, nutmeg powder, sour cream and grated cheese. Mix well. Fill the pancakes with spinach, wrap and place in a hyena bowl, grease with sour cream and grate on top of the cheese. Put the tray in the oven until the cheese melts, over medium heat.

Serve hot.

Pancakes with spinach - Recipes

A filling and very tasty breakfast. If you make classic pancakes, then you can give them with confidence to your family. They will definitely appreciate it and thank you.

It's done in 15 minutes, so it doesn't take us very long and goes great in the Dukan diet.

Cruise Phase, Consolidation

- 3-4 tablespoons of carbonated mineral water

- 150 grams of spinach (I put 11 bulbs of frozen spinach)

- 2-3 tablespoons of skim cheese (Milk 0.2% fat I put)

- 2 slices of lean turkey ham

The pancakes are made like here (click on the blue word).

Until the pancakes are done, heat some water, and when it boils, add the spinach and let it boil for about 10 minutes (if you have green spinach, then fry it in salted water, then chop it). Then strain it well and let it cool a bit

Meanwhile, clean and cut the onion into slices. Cut the ham into small pieces and mix it with the cheese, salt and pepper (possibly a few drops of lemon juice).

Then we take each pancake (I made them thicker and 3 pancakes came out of the composition), grease it with cheese and ham sauce, and spread a layer of spinach on top. We pack the pancakes and ready, we can eat them!

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Preparation: from flour, eggs, milk and a pinch of salt, homogenize the pancake dough and let it "rest" for about 30 minutes.

Put the egg whites and a little salt in a bowl and beat well then add the palm oil, yogurt, milk and sifted flour.

Kulibiac (or coulibiac) is a satiating dish, a seemingly unique combination of puff pastry, salmon, rice, hard-boiled eggs and spinach.

I created this recipe in the afternoon when I wanted to make some rice-based food. I imagined what it should look like

Make a pancake dough, more consistent (in which you put a pinch of salt). Only one egg is used. Bake lightly in a pan,

For the pancake dough, mix the eggs with the flour, then add the milk. Season with salt and pepper. Let the dough rest

pt. dough: 2 eggs 5 tablespoons oil, a little baking soda, salt, flour 1 cup, and mineral water as it contains to bake a few pancakes (scoverzi) filling: 200

Clean, wash and put the spinach in boiling water and simmer for about 5 minutes. Drain, chop, and place in a pan

The spinach leaves are scalded and left to drain. Mix with cheese, egg, salt and pepper. Fill the pancakes, roll and then

Mix eggs with salt, pepper, flour, baking powder and a cup of milk and bake thicker pancakes. Chopped spinach is finely chopped

Make small pancakes, round as the shape in which the pudding is prepared. Choose the spinach, boil it in boiling salted water, pass it

Spinach is washed, boiled, chopped and mixed with a white sauce made from butter, flour and sour cream. In parallel, prepare the pancakes.

Wallpaper a pan with fat and breadcrumbs and then place a first layer of pancakes (2-3 pieces). Put some of the pancakes over

A pancake dough is made from flour, milk and 3 eggs. Leave for an hour in the fridge then fry 15 thicker pancakes. Spinach

Boil the oatmeal with boiled milk, which is then left warm. After about 1 hour, add the eggs and salt and fry in the pan.

Whether you are fasting or you want to have a vegan diet, we present some information about the diet without animal products. In order to maintain a balanced nutrition during this diet period, we offer you some information

Appetizer, dessert, maybe even the main course! Pancakes are a very versatile dish and, depending on your imagination, you can fill them with almost anything!

Today we have invited to this section Mrs. Doina Varga, Chef of Cuisine on and one of the most important users in our community. Mrs. Varga was kind enough to give us this interview as well

The New Year's Eve meal is quite different from the Christmas one. In the period between the two holidays, most of us have already eaten quite a lot of sarmale, beef salad, sausages, steaks and other heavy foods. Therefore,

One thing is clear: without a cake there is no party. So, if we were to give one piece of advice, it would be the following: focus on the cake, and the rest will flow by itself. And even if you can order a spectacular cake from a confectionery,

First of all, prepare and bake the pancakes.

Then I chopped the tomatoes, greens and onions.

I put the onion in my cauldron. in the olive oil and then I added the spinach, vegetable soup, tomatoes and a pinch of salt and let it boil for about 15 minutes.

At the end I put out the fire and added the greens. After it cooled down a bit, I added the 2 beaten eggs and the grated cheese and 2 cloves of finely chopped garlic.

I lined a 26 cm diameter tray with baking paper and placed 2 pancakes, on top of part of the spinach composition. a little mozzarella on top.

And so on until the last layer consisting of 2 pancakes over which I put 1 beaten egg and grated cheese and put in the oven until the cheese is golden.

The recipe for pancakes with spinach and cheese was proposed by keoke on the culinary forum.

Serve the pancake cake with spinach and hot or cold cheese filling as a main course or appetizer.

Baked spinach pancakes

Baked spinach pancakes. Pancakes filled with a garlic spinach cream and grated cheese gratin are a very tasty hot appetizer. My verified pancake recipe (which you can find here) does not contain sugar at all. I always make them work with sweet fillings (jams, cottage cheese with raisins, apples or caramelized oranges) and salted ones (mushrooms, white sauce with cheese, minced meat, Chinese vegetables, spinach, brains, chicken liver, etc. ).

And this time I baked more pancakes in the idea that I already had a spinach ready (with bechamel sauce and fragrant with garlic). Pancakes can be fried the day before. I know people who make 100 pancakes at a time and freeze them in 10-15 servings in airtight plastic bags. I haven't tried it but it sounds convenient!

Let's go back to our pancakes & # 8211 spinach pancakes. Filled with a garlic spinach cream (see recipe here) and sprinkled with grated cheese are a very fine and tasty appetizer (or even a dinner & # 8211 if you eat 2-3 people).

They can be presented rolled (like sarmales) or placed in layers like a cake (in a round shape with the diameter of a pancake).

& # 8211 2 cups of flour
& # 8211 ½ cup of finely chopped cabbage
& # 8211 1 cup spinach puree (spinach boil, drain and grind in blender on high speed)
& # 8211 1 teaspoon hot pepper
& # 8211 1 teaspoon dried and chopped ginger
& # 8211 1 ½ cup of warm milk
& # 8211 salt to taste
& # 8211 1 ½ cup of mineral water.
& # 8211 50 ml sunflower oil.

Mix all the ingredients in a mixing bowl. Then leave it in the fridge for 30 minutes to thicken the pancake composition a little. Heat the pancake pan with a little oil and then drain it. Add a little of the pancake composition with a polish and leave it on the fire until the pancake can be detached from the pan. He then turns to the other side. Repeat the operation for the rest of the composition. Then put the pancakes on the plate and serve hot, possibly with yogurt or whipped milk.

Before you start cooking, you must make sure that the butter is melted at room temperature. Then mix the butter, eggs, milk, sugar, a pinch of salt and flour. Remember that flour must be added gradually to avoid lumps. If you have a homogeneous dough, let it sit for 30 minutes in the fridge or in a cold room.

After this time add 50 ml of beer to the thin and homogeneous dough. Mix very well. This drink will make the pancakes more fragrant and fluffy.

If you have a special pancake pan you can use it on it, if you do not have such a thing at home, then add a little oil to any pan. Let it heat for a few seconds over medium heat. Then, with the help of a polish or a cup, pour the dough into the pan.

Using your hand, tilt the pan so that the dough is spread over the entire surface. After a minute, turn the pancake on the other side and leave it for a few more seconds. Then turn the pancake over on a plate and repeat the same thing you did with the first pancake. From this dough you can get about 12 pancakes.

Pancakes can be served with chocolate, honey, jam or various fruits. Good appetite!

Pure, unrefined coconut sugar, 250g | Golden Flavors

Necessary ingredients:

  • 150g baked pumpkin puree
  • 100ml coconut milk (or any other vegetable milk)
  • 150g wheat flour
  • 1 egg (for the vegan version you can use flax seeds crushed and soaked in water)
  • 20g of coconut sugar
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • A pinch of salt

Method of preparation:

In a bowl, first mix the pumpkin, egg (or flax seeds if you choose the vegan version), coconut sugar, coconut milk, salt and oil until the composition becomes homogeneous.

Then, add the wheat flour and baking powder and mix until the composition becomes homogeneous again.

Heat the pancake pan (grease only the first pancake with oil) and fry the mini pancakes over medium heat on each side for about 2 minutes.

They can be decorated with blueberries, red currants, pomegranate seeds, honey or rose jam.

Spinach pancakes stuffed with cheese and salami & # 8211 a recipe that can be served as an appetizer

Spinach pancakes stuffed with cheese and salami

From the wide range of pancakes, now I present a salty one, based on spinach, filled with cream cheese and salami.

If we cut the ends and cut the pancake into pieces, it can be served as an appetizer, due to the intense color it will be wonderful on a plate.

Ingredients spinach pancakes stuffed with cheese and salami

  • -500ml milk (or 300ml milk, 200ml water)
  • -15 tablespoons flour
  • -2 eggs
  • -salt knife tip
  • -2 tablespoons oil
  • -200gr frozen spinach
  • -cheese cream
  • -favorite salami or sausages

Method of preparation

Add flour to milk, then add eggs, oil and salt.

Stir until smooth, add the spinach that we thawed before.

Put a frying pan on the right heat, add a dough polish.

Rotate the pan with circular motions to spread the pancake composition as quickly as possible throughout the pan.

Keep the pancake on the fire for about 2 minutes, peel off the edges with a spatula and turn it, bake on the other side for 1 minute.

After we are ready with the pancakes, we take the one we finished the first time, we grease it with cream cheese, we place the salami slices and we roll it.

Serve cold, keep in the refrigerator, covered with transparent foil.

1.Ingredient 2. Add flour to milk 3. Add whole eggs 4. Add oil measured with a spoon 5. Season with salt 6. Homogenized ingredients 7. Thawed spinach 8. Dough obtained 9. Dough added to the pan, measured with the polish 10. Dough added in a well heated pan 11. Dough spread over the entire surface of the pan 12. Pancake turned with a spatula 13. Fried pancake on one side 14.Pancake when cooled 15. Pancake greased with cream cheese 16.Slices of salami placed on the edge of the pancake 17. Roll the pancake 18. Spinach pancakes stuffed with salami 19. Rolled pancakes 20.Presentation suggestion