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6 Best Booze Delivery Apps

6 Best Booze Delivery Apps

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When you can’t run to the liquor store, these spirits, wine and beer apps and sites come right to your door.

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Sometimes you need a stiff drink yet don’t have the necessary ingredients at home to whip up a cocktail, namely the booze. If you can’t run to the store, don’t worry—there’s an app for that. A number of booze delivery apps exist to ensure you can swiftly get beer, wine, spirits, mixers and more. Simply visit the website or launch the app, order what you need, pay and wait for a knock at your door. (Obviously, you need to be at least 21 years old.) We’ve rounded up the top booze delivery apps to have at the ready in order to avoid that “I have nothing to drink!” panic.


Serving 180-plus markets across the U.S., Drizly is one of the most widely accessible options. It works with local liquor retailers to fulfill your orders, so depending on the distance, you could be drinking within an hour. Even better? Drizly lets you compare prices to buy from the cheapest source. No matter whether you want something basic under $10 or are looking to splurge, or you need bitters, mixers, ice, snacks and more, don’t fret. You can order either from the app or online, making it that much easier to get your goods. Drizly not available in your town? It ships to a number of markets within a few days too.

Need booze fast? Or food? Groceries? Your laundry? is in more than 150 cities across the country; it connects users with more than 18,000 local businesses to get you what you need, when you need it. Each merchant sets its own delivery fee and minimum order amount, so be sure to check that. You can earn reward points with each purchase, which add up to credits in your account.


Looking to build your spirit collection? Flaviar, which dubs itself “your liquor advocate,” has a deep collection of booze, with a focus on rare hard-to-find and small-batch labels. Its biggest selection is of whiskey, but it also has rum, gin, tequila and more. The app offers extensive product descriptions and tasting notes, as well as a “flavor spiral” to provide a picture of the smells and tastes of different spirit types. For example, clicking on Zacapa rum shows raw honey, sugar cane, cinnamon, spicy and mocha caramel, while Woodford Reserve bourbon offers up orange, maple syrup, ginger, vanilla and black chocolate. Not sure what you want? Start with one of Flaviar’s tasting boxes and get samples of three different whiskeys.


Looking for Japanese whisky? Premium Champagne? A six-pack of Bud? Minibar, currently in 35-plus markets such as Austin, Chicago, Denver, Memphis, New York and Phoenix, has an extensive selection of offerings and works with more than 200 brands, local retailers and larger chains to stock your stash, usually within an hour. Minibar offers curated collections to help with decision-making and also features wine descriptions and food pairing tips. If you know you’ll need some booze in the near but not immediate future, you can also schedule a delivery 14 days out.


Saucey works with on-call couriers who stand by awaiting your order from a pretty deep selection of beer, wine and spirits. Why does that matter? Because your bottles (or cans) will generally arrive within 30 minutes. On top of that, Saucey doesn’t have a minimum order amount and doesn’t charge a delivery fee. The app operates in cities across the country including Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Orange County, Calif., New York City, Sacramento, San Diego, the San Francisco Bay Area and Washington, D.C.


In dozens of markets around the country, Swill connects users with a local retailer to get beer, wine, spirits and more within an hour. According to Swill, it can access 10,000 different wines and 5,000 each of beer and spirits. All orders originate from Swill, which allows you to pay directly through it, with no money exchanged at delivery. The goods get dropped off, and you can start drinking right away.